Thursday, March 13, 2008

We got the samples of the "Courage" charm yesterday! The charm is about 1" x .5". We designed it for "Beads Of Courage" and all of their good work...check it out! We've had a couple of other folks ask about charms like this for other projects, so we hope that we'll be able to send lots of them out into the world!!!

Working on our Artgirlz MySpace space
and haven't made too much progress on the decorating side of the space...
although we do have 5 friends now, well actually 4 plus Tom the generic MySpace friend to all...and just signed up for Flickr but we have nothing to look at quite yet...maybe today I'll get something up!!!
Any smart social networking geniuses in RI reading this?????
I need one!
Have a great day!


Absolutely Everything said...

I'll order 24 of the courage charm when they are girlz are the best

creative dreams said...

Hi I love the courage charm, great work. Belinda