Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Greetings Friends...Calling all Love Bugs! I actually had private time in the studio last week and spent time playing with Artgirlz Red Roving, recycled, felted wool sweaters and Artgirlz Love Rubber Stamps. I figured out a way to make a 3D heart with the roving. Had fun doing it and loved the way that they came out.

I made up three pin cushions. The top two pin cushions in the picture on the left are made from recycled sweaters. On the white one I used our felting machine to add roving and bits of silk and organza to the mix. The red one has a heart shape cut out of the white sweater and felted onto the red, white roving edge felted around edge of the sweater and embellished with beads, fiber and ribbon.

The bottom piece is one of our felt squares with a heart shape cut out of the middle. Placed on top of another piece of felt I used the Bernina Stitch Regulator to apply a squiggly design onto the red felt. The center heart shape was built up with layers of roving, sparkle net, and silk scraps. They are all stuffed with a bit of polyfil and the edges connected with the felting machine. All of the projects could be constructed by hand or with a regular sewing machine using straight or decorative stitching!

We have put Felted Heart Directions together. If this technique is new to you, they can be downloaded from the website to guide you through this kind of project. We have also put kits together that include roving, felting needles, a piece of foam, and embellishments.

The main thing with hand needle felting, is that you have to keep your wits about you so that you don't stab yourself. It doesn't take too many times and you will become very aware!

Check out the downloadable directions and give it a try! Try it with friends and family!

Tomorrow...Felt, Paper and Rubber Stamps!

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