Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There are so many things that I haven't covered in our ever changing world around here. It is snowing again, (it's not really that cold this morning) the house and studio are quiet. The chickens and rabbits are fed and the best news is that I was able to get up and continue my life after I fell on my butt in an instant this morning! That pesky ice was sitting right under that little layer of snow.....

Our "doll in a box" class was great! We had lots of materials and ideas flying around and of course the best part is being able to talk, share and laugh in a very safe environment! Thanks to Christy for being our Lunch Boss! We are looking forward to the next one "the many faces of you", an exploration of self portraits. We have started gathering samples and ideas together, for it is sure to be an interesting journey!! Easy sign up in the Artgirlz store!

Friday night we hosted 16 women from the Apple Valley Quilt Guild. They were here for a weekend sewing, shopping and girlz gathering in Westerly, RI. It was so great! I stood at the end of the driveway in the dark and snow with my flashlight a "Create" sign and signaled their safe arrival. We had just baked cookies and little goodie bags waiting. After a brief chat, the women made quick work of finding the treasures around the room. It seems like a good time was had by all. We sold some stuff, they went home with bags of stuff and hopefully some ideas and inspiration! What is better than that! Maybe next year...purple hair dye!

Allison has set up her new Artgirlz office in her new house in Cocoa Beach, Fla. Her new monitor died about 48hrs into the new gig, but we are trying out this new living, business model. One of the first long distance projects is to tackle a color a month. I thought of it while working on the Valentines as I gathered up all things red.

I have been taking pictures, digging through beads, buttons, ribbons etc, checking out websites about color, theories, history etc...Observing red around the house, book covers, file cabinets, dishes, pencils, the table cloth, what colors are with it...what feels good, looks good...

Adobe has a great website and dynamic color tool called Kuler. You can see color combinations that have been put together by a huge community of folks, make your own to test color mixes to share or just use as your own visual reference. Check it out. You just have to log in and get yourself yet another password, but once that is done it is a great place to loose ones self for a bit! By checking on the "Complimentary" link, you will be able to spin the dial and see opposite colors on the wheel working and changing before your eyes. Green and red are on either side of the color wheel and always make a good combination.

• enchanted learning is a site for children, but gives color names in many languages
worqx color theory tutorials are really cool. lots of visuals to inspire and inform
• for a historical view, Pigments through the Ages has great information about the use and meaning of color in different cultures and how it has changed.
• color chart for the color blind...

This book is a great study of red and green marbleized paper. It is the smallest thing that you can imagine...a gift from son Don from his visit to Venice, Italy...

Speaking of red, I want to share info about v-day and women's heart health issues..

Al is working on turquoise for the next chapter.

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