Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, onto the wool roving, needle felted Hearts!! I have moved a little slide show to the top right corner of your screen to get a few visuals that can guide you along your needle felting journey! The pieces shown here were made by rolling and manipulating the roving with a felting needle while working on a piece of foam. These can be downloaded from our website!

Please Read the Tips Before you Begin!
The needle is very sharp and fragile compared to a sewing needle.

To help the fibers hook together the end of the needle is barbed.

It will break if you bend it while it is in the felt.

You want the needle to go in and out in the same direction...any direction...but the same direction!

You can be a bit aggressive with your “stabbing”.

You can use the needle as a "tool" much like a sewing needle as long as the roving is still somewhat loose.

If you are a beginner you may break a needle or two before you get the hang of it!

You can make new color mixes by blending two or more roving colors.

Simply gather two or three little puffs together and pull them apart until mixed to your liking.

These tips can be applied to clothing, wool beads, felt cones, flowers, hearts...any felted wool and more!

Artgirlz Heart Felt Hearts!

Pull a 7 Inch length of roving from the bundle.

Make into a loosely rolled tube rolling from the short end.

Gently pull one end away from the tube a bit.
This will become the pointy part of the heart.

Working on a piece of foam, start working (stabbing) the needle in and out of the roving to shape the end. Don’t be shy!
Turn the roving on the foam as you go to get the shape started.

Flip the piece and begin to work on the other end of the heart.
Pull the top apart a bit.

Holding onto what will be one side of the top, begin to shape the other top curve.

Begin to make the center indentation by working the center point down.
Keep your wits about you to prevent self inflicted stab wounds!
Working on the foam will help.
Turn the piece as you work down the whole shape.

Once you can see the basic heart shape, keep working the piece by turning it
over on foam and using the needle to tangle the fibers together.

You may want to add roving to fill out little dips, or to add dimension to the top curves.

Work the whole piece by turning the heart on the foam base and punching the needle in and out.

The heart can be embellished with other roving colors:
Roll little balls of roving and felt into the heart to make polka dots, lines, little hearts!

Add charms, beads, buttons, sequins, glitter, ribbon, yarn etc!!!!!