Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I decided to put a piece together using our 4"x4" felt squares. The felt is actually a variety of blends of rayon and wool...depending on the color. I decided to make six simple shapes and put them together to create a hanging decoration that could hang on your door, the wall, or in a window.

• Pair the colors together. Just move them around until you are happy with the combos.
• Use colored pencils to draw the shapes onto the felt once you've decided on your colors.
• Set the sewing machine on a medium width tight zig zag.
• Stitch around your shape leaving an opening for stuffing.

• Trim around your finished shape. You can cut a decorative border shape, use pinking shears or just create a clean cut around the zig zag.

• Stuff your shapes lightly with polyfil. Finish stitching around the shape. 

• Use your longest needle to go through each shape adding wool felt beads between each piece.
• These of course could be embellished for dayz with beads, sequins, fibers, bells and whistles!!
• Rather than string them together, use them as decorations for your tree or fancy tags for packages.


 Miss Linda in all of her wisdom made up some shapes out of recycled cardboard.
She cut out her felt shapes and proceeded to stitch them together with a very wonderful blanket stitch.
As usual, her layering and textured stitching make for a wonderful little felt nugget! This piece includes a small felt bead and flower.

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