Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well Allison flew in from Florida yesterday and we all arrived at Artgirlz World Headquarters around dinner time. Lots of work to do to prep for the Foundry Show that opens in a couple of weeks. Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner and most of us will probably be setting tables and feeding friends and family, Linda whipped up this very easy and very colorful Napkin Wrap!

She used a strip of cotton that was stitched ( 12-15 inches), turned right sides out as the base. To eliminate the machine sewing step, you could also use ribbon or trim.

Gather your fancy yarns and fabric scraps (tear strips) and make a pom-pom. Stitch the yarn bunch onto the middle of your tie and add a wool felt bead or two by going up through the middle of the bead and back down to the tie.

Repeat to secure the layers and you will have yourself a very festive addition to your table!!

Any non-traditional Thanksgiving festivities going on out there?

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