Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get a Twitter and Facebook link onto this blog and I feel like I have fallen into the dark ages because I can't seem to get it. So I will move on with the day and do things that I already know at the moment!!
We received this wonderful photo of the charm bracelet from Lezette Thomason last week!!! We met Lezette in Chicago last Feb at a gathering of Bernina Teacher Reunion. She designs children's clothing and has written books about smocking, crazy quilting, doll clothes. Her talents are clearly much wider than the world of kiddy clothes!! Thanks for the beautiful work!!

Neighbor, friend and artist Kate Bussey stopped by last week and bought some roving. The next day I found these wonderful little acorns hanging on my door! If you are in the Southern New England area, her little store... Mills Creek Natural Market 4436 Old Post Rd, Charlestown, RI is a wonderful collection of handmade, organic lotions, clothing, jewelry and munchies!

Off to World Headquarters to continue organizing and making things up. Blogspot seems to have a new editing format and where is the $#@& spellcheck???


Dotti said...

Charming Bracelet! Email me and I'll tell you how to get Twitter and Facebook on your blog! (From the gal who advised you to load the 'followers' widget)

lezette thomason said...

Girlz, Thank for putting my bracelet up. Love, Lezette

The Dreaming Bear said...

That bracelet is show stopper! And the acorns are too cute!! Just had a workshop in our studio with your products, and we loved it, as always!!!